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5 reasons why going to gigs on your own is fun!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, i’m an avid gig goer and there’s nothing I love more than procrastinating from my uni work by going to watch some quality live music in one of the many iconic music venues there are in Cardiff.

Now as with most things, not every gig is everyones cup of tea which meant that recently, I ended up going to a gig by myself…tragic, right?!

Or is it?

I actually had a pretty lush night and came away feeling like I had experienced something completely new, and I liked it.

For some people, the thought of going to a gig on your lonesome sounds worse than cleaning the floor after everyone has left using just your tongue…I was probably someone that would have agreed prior to this!

Anxiety about various elements of the situation understandably puts many people off, but if you are able to pluck up the courage to do it…you’ll find it’s really not that bad. Below, I have listed 5 reasons why going to gigs on your own can actually be quite fun!

  1. You can come and go when you want “Ah, well I don’t want to get there too early because I don’t want to have to queue, but we shouldn’t go too late because I don’t want to be stuck at the back and not see anything”…this whole annoying conversation about what time your gig partner wants to leave in order to maximise your chances of reaching the venue within the specific “this is a good time to arrive” window is abolished! Whenever you fancy popping along to the gig, that’s when you can grab your bag and go! Even better, if you’ve braved a gig on your own and find out it’s not really your thing and that the promised DJ TRACKTOUR is actually just a 70 year old country music DJ, then you can up and leave without needing to consider anyone else’s preference!

  2. It can be a chance to make new friends Once the fear of entering the venue on your own and having the door staff judge the fact that you’re on your own (they definitely wouldn't have btw!), you may even feel confident enough to spark up a convo with the person standing next to you. I mean, chances are that you’re going to have at least one subject that is common ground, considering you’re at the same gig. You never know, the random guy drinking a jack and coke, sporting the smart casual “i’m going to a gig” outfit may turn out to be totally your kind of person and even become a friend.

  3. You can stand wherever you want You want to stand at the back and calmly take the music and surroundings in? You want to be in the front row amongst all the sweaty, happy fans that don’t give a shit if you’re on your own or with a group of 20 people? YOU CAN! No one is there to object to that idea.

  4. Nobody is annoyingly chatting to you throughout the gig Omg, they’re so good aren’t they? I’ve seen them like 3 times now I think, actually no maybe it’s even 4 now?…let’s think I first saw them on….OMG is there anything worse than that one person that doesn’t shut up for the entire gig and then raves about how amazing they were even though missing the whole set! None of that, just you and the music!

  5. More than anything, going to a show by yourself can be empowering Going it alone can actually be an incredible feeling. The realisation that you don’t always need anyone else to make your night enjoyable and that you have had an opportunity to listen to live music in a completely different way. Above all, it can remind you of why you love music so much, and it should can feel GOOD.



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