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A halloween set up!


If you read last weeks blog "halloween haul", you will have seen that I went out and scoured my favourite shops to find some exciting halloween event accessories to inspire me for this months special occasion, which is of course, halloween!

Me and Rare events are SO excited for halloween parties this year and have incorporated all the goodies I bought on the haul into a snippet of an event set up.

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This contemporary event table set up can be offered as a complete package to those of you who need a little bit of inspo for this years halloween events. (Alternatively, if you already know what kind of event you want to celebrate this years spooky day with, we can create bespoke packages just for you!).

So, why this set up?

Gone are the days of stretched cotton wool balls as spiderwebs and dark, tacky halloween decorations. This year is all about simplicity and colour.

This set up is stylish, on trend and versatile, making it the perfect choice for your halloween party.

The Colour

I have gone for a colour scheme of white and orange as I feel the white provides a stable background and allows the orange to really pop. These colours are also really versatile, being suitable for an event aimed at both younger and older audiences.

The table

The picture provides you with just a snippet of what your event can look like and the main content will be tailored according to the age range of the event, the clients personal preferences and to the purpose of hosting the event.

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These black cups with pumpkin straws are a great way to bring your halloween theme and colour in, subtly whilst providing much needed refreshments at your event.

These would be great at a kids party lined up next to a cauldron full of prickly punch..or add a bit of alcohol and you have the perfect creepy cocktail!


The chocolate covered apples (a more modern take on the traditional toffee apple) represent halloween themed food! This is just one example of the many halloween themed food options that could be on offer at your event, but the food on offer needs to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it will completely change the look of your event and taste so much better, I promise!

Becca Head photography

And then there's the trick or treat tree!! This is a really exciting addition to your halloween event and is a great way of bringing a timely halloween tradition into the space. Your guests can each take home a mini pumpkin pot filled with sweets and carrying on enjoying the party, even after they're home! It also adds a freshness to the table and provides some good contrast to the orange theme.


Dotted around the table are those gorgeous pumpkins. These add a really lovely autumnal element to the table whilst still communicating the halloween theme well. The table also features orange and black balloons and halloween themed bunting which I feel adds a playfulness to the whole set up.

This is just an example of what one corner of your event could look like and how we have chosen to combine contemporary event trends into an example of a halloween set up.

If you want to talk to us about organising a halloween party or perhaps another special occasion we have both set packages and bespoke options, so visit us at the Rare events website, or send us an email at lottie@thisisrare.co and we can start the conversation!

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