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A lemon and blue family wedding!

In August, I was lucky enough to be a guest (it felt strange to be the guest for once) at my lovely cousins wedding.

It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun, and of course, being an event planning geek, I spent a lot of the day subconsciously taking note of the colour scheme, the table layouts, the bouquets, the cars and anything event related.

I thought I would share some of the themes (amazing choices btw) that I spotted throughout the day with you here on my blog because as you know, I like to use it as a place to document all things event-related.

So, as you probably guessed by the title of this blog, the main colour theme was lemon and pastel blue.

If you’ve read my previous blog - My top 3 event colour schemes, you’ll know how much I LOVE pastels colours this year and this lemon and blue combo was no exception.

But how was this beautiful combo combined into the most gorgeous wedding?

The first glimpse of the colour scheme I got was when I met the groom and groomsmen outside the venue. They were wearing light grey morning suits with yellow cravats, yellow pocketsquares, and lemon boutonnières. Lush!

The ceremony was held at a registry office which doesn’t allow for much decoration as there are other weddings held there throughout the day so there’s not too much to talk about in this area.

So then of course, it was time for the beautiful bride to enter…and this is where the pastel blue comes in (and maybe some tears!) The bride was wearing a pastel blue tea dress, with a white lace overlay.

The bouquet complimented the dress beautifully. It consisted of yellow roses with white beaded hoops placed amongst the flowers.

So then onto to the reception…

The reception was held in a lovely hotel (where most of us stayed and had a lush spa the day before!)

We entered the room where the reception was being held, ready to be seated for our evening meal and were greeted with a beautiful lemon sparkly themed sight! The ceiling of the room had beautiful satin drapes all folding into the centre with fairy lights in the middle and each seat was decorated with a lemon coloured bow.

The tables were round and seated about 5/6 guests each. Delicately sprinkled across the table were yellow petals with clear diamonds sprinkled in between. These led your eye into the centre of the table where there was a silver coloured round mirror laying flat, with a jar of diamonds and fairy lights in, on top.

After we’d had some much needed food, wine and prosecco (and then napped for half an hour!), we all came back downstairs ready for more wine and prosecco and to have a good’ol dance. But first, it was time to cut the all important cake.

The cake was a beautiful simple, three tiered white cake with a yellow and pastel blue flower decoration on top. Delicately wrapped around the bottom of each tier was a lemon coloured ribbon with a diamonte feature at the front. Beautiful! And it tasted pretty delicious as well.

Once the cake had been cut, we watched the gorgeous couple have their first dance (I totally did not cry) and then got down to business, congaring, YMCA’ing and just generally having a fabulous time celebrating a family wedding!

This lemon and pastel blue theme was a really good choice for an August wedding and is really on trend this year. The theme was delicately tied into the day and made for a lovely wedding!

Lottie X



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