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A letter to my Dad...

Dad, with all the craziness of the last few weeks, I completely forgot to buy you a fathers day card.

I was thinking about this yesterday in the car (where I do most of my thinking!) and then my thoughts moved on to think about all of the wisdom you have passed down to me and what you have taught me over the years. (Other than naughty words and when i'm allowed to say them!)

Dad, you and me have been best friends forever. It's always felt like you and me against the world. We have been partners in crime for as long as I can remember!

Below, are just some of the precious lessons, morals and advice you have gifted me with throughout my time on earth:

1. That it’s okay to experience and go through emotions.

2. To approach challenges with a smile and determination.

3. Not to dwell on negative feelings, they only hold you back.

4. To live life to its fullest and take hold of every opportunity with both hands.

5. How to do gardening and build things and play pool...although the last one, I haven’t really done justice!

6. All about our family and the special memories he has of his parents.

7. That compassion, kindness and understanding is important.

8. That his support has never wavered and he always has my back.

9. That resting is important for your mind and body.

10. That not everyone is there to help you and so to be wary of being taken advantage of.

11. That hard work pays off.

12. That I am strong and capable.

13. That he is proud of who I have become.

14. To do the things I am passionate about.

15. That not being so good at things is okay, because I am good at others but to always give it a go.

16. That it is good to acknowledge and apologise for mistakes you’ve made.

17. That running is good for your soul (but bad for your knees!).

18. That you have to go through the hard times to experience the good.

19. To see the world.

20. That sitting back and observing a situation or walking away is sometimes the best thing to do, but if you think something and want it to be said, then say it.

23. To respect what we have and the world around us.

24. That being stick thin should not be a focus, food is good and should be eaten and enjoyed...I am still finding my balance with this.

25. Do not give up without a fight.

26. To make something good out every bad situation.

27. To never waste a day.

28. Never take yourself too seriously.

Dad, in my eyes you are the wisest, funniest, most inspiring and amazing man and I am so absolutely blessed that you were chosen to be my daddy.

Happy Father's day Dad, I love you.

Lottie X



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