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Album launch party: Eleri Angharad - Earthbound

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Are you thinking about working with Rare events to host your album launch party, single launch or press party?

I always find that it helps to hear how Rare events have worked with previous clients and see the process that we go through when organising an event like this.

I have just finished organising Eleri Angharads album launch (Album is HERE if you'd like to listen) and so this blog is all about the process Rare events went through and how we arrived at the final event.

Initial meeting

The event planning process always begins with an initial meeting, to find out about the clients requirements and vision, budgets and, in this case, what style of music the album consists of (so we can style the event accordingly).

Eleris album is strongly influenced by folky/country style music and features alot of material written about home. The artwork for the album has a very warm and rustic feel to it, inspired by the beaches and fields and woodlands of Eleri's hometown. Therefore, we decided that a rustic style event, held in an intimate venue that suits this theme was the best way forward for the album launch. Eleri also mentioned that she'd like to base draw inspiration for the event from a music venue in Nashville called The Bluebird cafe.


The first choices to make in the process are concept, date and venue.

I am a strong believer that the venue is one of the most important elements of event planning. It is important to choose a venue that suits the venue styling and concept that you plan and that you work with the characteristics of the venue/space to create the overall look.

I have already touched on my initial concept ideas above so let's focus on the venue.

A venue that came to mind almost instantly when brainstorming this event was Little man coffee shop in Cardiff. It has gorgeous wooden floorboards and is filled with wooden, quirky furniture that all suits the aesthetic of Eleri's event. It also had a great space that lends itself to a stage area and the option to sell alcohol. As well as this, it is a similar size, layout and style to The Bluebird cafe. Perfect!


Once you have the perfect venue booked in on the date that works best, I will then start to think about who we need to work with for the event to run smoothly.

For a live music event, the first thought is always sound and lighting. Rare events are lucky enough to work with Ratio studios who provide all the sound and lighting for our events.

In terms of other things to think about like food/drink and furniture, the venue had this covered.

Eleri already had support artists in mind and so took charge of this element of the planning but if you'd like help organising this as well, we have a long list of wonderful artists that we are able to call on.

Venue styling

Once all the above was in place, it was time to design the event. I drew up a floor plan and double checked this with the venue to make sure they were happy with our plan.

Once we had confirmation of this and all the plans in place for the decoration...we began making!

For this event, to tie in with the rustic theme, I decided to create some table

centrepieces out of wooden wreaths, flowers and gold leaves. These were then placed on each table with a tea light in a glass jar in the middle.

I also created some garland to line the stage area and to use as decoration around

pillars and the merch desk etc.

As well as this, I decided to create a photobooth area as a way of promoting the event on social media and as entertainment for the guests.

The backdrop for this consisted of a wooden palette with fairly lights, a garland and a giant polaroid style cut out with the event hashtags on and Eleri Angharads branding.

This was really popular and a great way to promote the event on the evening.

The nitty gritties!

I won't write much about this bit because it's not interesting to most but Rare events will also take care of all the paperwork, risk assessments, advances, health and safety documents etc. relating to your event so all the stress is taken away and you can sit back and enjoy your celebration.

All in all, this was a really successful event with Eleri and guests leaving happy!

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Thanks for reading,

Lottie X


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