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Album Launch party - With a twist!

Rare events were lucky enough to be asked to plan yet another Album launch party and we were more than happy to take it on!

If you have read my previous blogs then you will already know the process we go through when planning an event with a client (if you haven't, you can read it HERE), so I won't go over this again.

However, although the process of planning takes a similar shape for each event, every client and event is unique and therefore, our planning technique moulds around the needs of the client/event. So, I wanted to document the process we go through, our thoughts and ideas and the reasons behind them for our events, to show you how we can work with a whole host of different people with different event needs!

In this particular case, our client wanted to host an album launch party, to celebrate its release, however our client was from Sweden and had not yet built up a huge fan base in Wales (again, another reason to host a party, to promote and spread awareness!)

Because of this, Rare events felt that this event would need to approach the target market from a different angle, rather than rely on fans to come and hear the new album live.

The initial brainstorm

When thinking about initial ideas, it is important to gain an understanding of the client, their background and the ethos of their business/project, so that the event can truly represent and promote the product.

One interesting factor with this project, was that our client had previously done a lot of work, focusing on Women in the music industry and also ran songwriting workshops in schools all across Sweden.

With this in mind, one of our initial ideas was to host a workshop/panel style event with a showcase of the album included in this. The event would include a taster of the clients workshops, a panel talking about women in the music industry and a showcase.

We felt that by marketing the event as a workshop, we could tap into a wider target market and drum up interest and guests for the event, which in turn, would gain a bigger audience to promote our client and their album too.


With the initial ideas and concept decided upon, we then needed to source an appropriate venue for this style of event. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, the venue you choose for your event is a huge factor in communicating a strong theme and plays a huge part in making the event a success.

The venue we chose for this event was Big Moose coffee in Cardiff.

The reason we felt that this venue was a great setting for this style of event is because it had two separate spaces that could be used, both with projectors and it also had a bar (plus the staff at Big Moose are just the friendliest, most helpful people you will meet).


Our venue and concept was now decided upon and so it was time to source some fabulous collaborators and guests to be involved with the event.

We wanted to work with some fellow female musicians/songwriters who could be involved in the panel and showcase their music and so we chose:

MACY (Part of the Forte project, Macy is a Welsh singer/songwriter who is releasing her new single in 2020!)

Taken by Matt Allen - Underdog Media

ELERI ANGHARAD (A Welsh Singer/songwriter from Swansea, who also runs Siren Songwriting, a songwriting group for Women, you may recognise her from my previous blogs as Rare events organised Eleri's album launch!)

Taken by Matt Allen - Underdog Media


Once everything was in place for the event, the next important step was to market the event, to gain as much interest as possible.

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For this particular event, we approached the local universities and colleges which include music and songwriting courses. We also targeted songwriting groups, and collectives that support Women in the music industry.

The event

The event was a huge success, with many songwriting students and inspiring Women in the music industry in attendance.

The client was really happy with the outcome and results and Rare events love to organise an event, so a success all round!

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