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Baby shower trends 2019

We all know baby showers are a HUGE deal in America, but in the last few years, the popularity of baby showers in Britain has risen, making them pretty common practice now.

I personally think baby showers are a lush idea! It's a celebration of new life and a chance to get together with all your friends to mark the exciting time.

So, I've compiled a list of my favourite trends and ideas in the baby shower world so far this year and how/where you can find them.


Taken from Ginger Ray Uk pinterest - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/gingerrayuk/

Neutral, rustic simplicity

I absolutely love a rustic and gold theme for a baby shower, especially as it is the perfect set up for mummas-to-be who don't know the gender of their baby yet.

It's soft and playful with the gold adding that little bit of glitz and excitement, which is what a baby shower is all about!

This set up is put together from Ginger ray UK's range at Hobbycraft and I think it's lovely (I have an unnecessary obsession with hobbycraft tbh...and Ginger ray UK's instagram!)


This bright, colourful theme is perfect for any gender and happily represents the crazy adventure that awaits the mummy-to-be.

Taken by Diana Oliveira photography - https://www.instagram.com/dianaoliveiraphotography/

I found this awesome "adventure awaits" bunting at Home by Kirsty (Find the bunting HERE!) which I think would fit perfectly with a wild, jungle set up. You can pair this with bright greens, yellows and oranges and some bold patterns to create a really fun shower.

Twinkle twinkle little star

I think this theme is just adorable. It is gentle, soft and magical and would be a perfect theme for perhaps an afternoon tea style baby shower.

Again, this image was taken from Ginger ray's instagram but is just an example of a set up because I think this theme would also work really well in greys and silvers and blues and whites.

Taken from Ginger Ray Uk at Hobbycraft - https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/brand/ginger-ray


Food is a big feature to think about when planning a baby shower, everyone likes to be fed at an event (especially if you're eating for two!)

But rather than a sit down meal, I think a lovely idea for baby showers is finger food and little nibbles. This gives the guests a chance to mingle and chat and eat in their own time (finger food also looks great as part of the feature table set up!).


I honestly think cake pops are one of the best creations for events since...foil balloons?! I don't know...but they're awesome.

They are not only a really quick, no mess treat for your guests to munch on but they are SO pretty and really add to the aesthetic of the whole event.

I found these gorgeous cake pops on DLT bakes instagram feed the other day and these are exactly the kind of pretty little yummies I was talking about (DLT bakes is based in Cardiff and her cakes are incredible!).

Taken from DLT bakes instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dltbakes/

Savoury buffets

Another great idea for feeding your baby shower guests is a savoury buffet. There is a huge selection so there's bound to be something for everyone and it can again, look really delicious as part of your set up. Functional AND yummy, yes!

Taken from Honey to the Brie instagram - https://www.instagram.com/honeytothebrie/

I drool over Honey to the Brie's buffet set ups most days and I always think how perfect their food would be for baby shower guests so I just HAD to feature them in this!


There are so many different styles of baby shower that can be had and really, it's down to what the mum-to-be likes and dislikes.

But there are a few different styles that are quite popular at the moment and that I think are great!

Spa/Pamper shower

This is very popular amongst new mummies and their friends, because what more could you want when you're expecting, than to be able to relax and be pampered with your besties.

There are loads of venues that offer this, but I think a venue such as Studio muse in Pontcanna is perfect.

Taken from Studio muse pontcanna instagram - https://www.instagram.com/studiomusepontcanna/

You can get your make up done, have a pamper and have a mooch at some gorgeous locally made self love products and you can still have your nibbles and buffet as well.

Afternoon tea style

Everyone loves a cup of tea and some cake right? These types of baby shower are extremely popular and I can totally see why!

Decorate the afternoon tea cakes with some baby related bits (dummies, nappies, bows), dress up the table and you have a gorgeous baby shower set up.

Most cafe's will take bookings for baby showers and there are SO MANY lush ones to choose from!

I personally love Big moose. The prettiest venue and the most accommodating staff.

Taken from Big moose coffee co Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bigmoosecoffeeco/

The workplace shower

These days, everyone is so busy that it might not be realistic to take a whole day out to host a big baby shower, but even the busiest of ladies deserve a baby shower, so I thought it was a really nice idea to just dress up the staff room or the office and host a mini baby shower on your lunch break with your work friends.

Add some balloons, cake pops and bunting to the desk and you'll have a lovely, simple celebration.

Alternatively, if there is a canteen/cafe attached to your office block, why not pop down there for a quick celebration?!

The Kin and Ilk cafes are a perfect example of somewhere like this, situated amongst lots of offices, and serving the most delicious cake and coffee, you can just pop in on your lunch break and surprise the hard working mumma-to-be with a lunchtime baby shower!

Taken from Kin and Ilk facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pg/KINANDILK/photos/?tab=album&album_id=643050802461144

So, I hope you share my love of these baby shower ideas and trends so far in 2019.

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