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BNC event show - My top 5 picks!


So I recently attended the BNC event show in London to represent and get some inspiration for my events planning business, Rare events.

It worked out great because my boyfriend was already working in London and so I gatecrashed his airbnb and made him buy me dinner that night (he loves me really!).

I found my way to Westminster central hall quite easily (#unexpected) and felt like a seasoned Londoner, weaving my way through mini suitcases and heels and was greeted by the lovely BNC team who gave me a sparkly lanyard...omg it was lush!

I had a really interesting day speaking to event suppliers, venues and event experts and below are my top 5 picks from the day:

Glisser - Audience response system for live events.

Now I am seriously quite rubbish with technology but I attended a seminar about Glisser and how it works and was amazed.

Put plainly (because that's all I can manage), Glisser is a web based app that allows you to share slides, engage audiences and monitor the analytics afterwards.

Mike Piddock, the founder of Glisser explained how so many people are disengaged during presentations and that simply counting the number of attendees after an event does not effectively measure its success, therefore, Glisser was created as a solution to this problem.

At the beginning of the seminar, we were asked to simply type a unique URL into our phones and as if by magic, the presentation that was up on stage appeared on my device.

Not only can you follow the presentation on your device, you can download slides and join in with interactive activities. For example, a set of emojis appeared on all of our devices and we were asked to choose one that represented our feelings towards the app. Very quickly a pie chart appeared on screen, demonstrating how the audience had answered.

In addition to this, when a question pops into your head during the presentation, you are able to type this question into Glisser before you forget and all questions will pop up on screen at the end of the seminar to hopefully be answered by the speaker.

After the presentation has ended, the speaker/business will be able to look at audience data to find out levels of engagement, location of audience members etc.

I think this app is a very useful tool for marketing events as it bulletproofs your event and eliminates restrictions such as travel expenses, delays, availability etc. allowing a wider audience to engage with your presentation/brand/product.

"Using the internet for what it's for, connecting people” - Mike Piddock, founder of Glisser.

2. Ideasbox - Unique food/drink tricycles for creative events.

I was first drawn to this stall as I saw ice cream and sprinkles and anyone who knows me, knows I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth!

Ideasbox own a number of different tricycles and ice cream machines which can be uniquely branded and decorated for any type of event. Gin bars, pick and mix shops, pimms stands, popcorn carts...you name it, they will do it.

With the option to choose what they serve and to brand the tricycles and even the cups/tubs with your own design and logo, Ideasbox are the perfect way to ensure your brand is carried throughout your event and stays in peoples minds (and instagram feeds).

(DISCLAIMER - I was offered some ice cream but had to decline as BNC events show offered lots of free brownies, cookies, cheese scones and sweets and I had already eaten ALL of them. This was the first time in my life I have ever said no to Ice cream and I hugely regret my decision).

3. ICC Wales - The eagerly awaited International convention centre, Wales.

So of course, having come up from Cardiff for this event, I had to pay a visit to The Celtic Manor resort guys who were exhibiting at the show.

And exhibiting next to them, was the International convention centre, Wales.

I’m mainly talking corporate now and less music and parties, however, we have The Celtic Manor right next door for that!

The ICC has taken inspiration from some of the worlds best convention centres and will be able to cater for a wide range of capacities and styles of event. With an extensive list of available spaces such as an auditorium, main hall, meeting rooms and networking spaces, this will be a top-of-the-list venue for product launches, meetings, conferences and showcases.

This venue doesn't open until 2019 so we will have to wait to make use of it..or maybe we could begin planning your event right now and be one of the first to use it?

4. Vanity van - The mobile beauty experts

I’m writing this blog with beautifully manicured nails thanks to Vanity van, who gave me a complimentary manicure at the event show! (thanks to the miracle worker that did my nails for managing to make my bitten nail, hard skinned, scrawny hands look pretty).

Vanity van are essentially a mobile beauty clinic. They offer manicures, hairdressing services, massages and other beauty treatments to corporate clients, retailers, brands and artists.

Vanity van would be a great addition to events such as festivals. Everyone loves to be a little pampered (especially when they’ve been camping in a field and sleeping on a thin piece of spongey material that is called a sleeping mat but makes no difference whatsoever).

This would also be a great feature for backstage at live music events. Often bands/artists are either rushed to get sound checked in time, pressured to complete press before the show or needed to hang around at the venue incase they are required suddenly. Vanity van would be able to set up backstage onsite and provide a wide range of services for artists/bands that could be carried out around their schedule. I mean, when you’re on tour for months on end, it’s hard to find time for a haircut!

In addition to this, Vanity van provide treatments for corporate clients and brands at a whole host of events, making every individual feel that little bit more looked after.

5. Adhoc actors - Actors for any occasion

I was walking through the show glancing at stalls (probably making a bee line for the ideasbox ice cream i’d spotted) when I was stopped in my tracks by a pirate and a…butler?! Shoe shiner person?!

It was none other than the adhoc actors. This fabulous team of people blend in with the backdrop of your event and are ready to pop out at any minute to give your event life and authenticity.

Pirates, gangsters, avatars, fairies, you name it and they will be it!

This is a great way to break the wall between your guests and your theme and allows your audience to really enter into the world you have created through your event. It is also a bit of fun and provides plenty of entertainment for your guests.

Thanks for the free shoe polish too!

All in all, this was a really good day and I came away inspired to put all my ideas into practice and create incredible events for you, whether that be corporate events, music events or luxury parties.

Thanks BNC event shows!

Lottie X


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