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Coffee shop pop-up launch.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Rare events were tasked with the challenge of organising a launch party to celebrate the opening of a pop-up coffee shop in Cardiff.

Launch parties are SO important when opening a new space or releasing a new product as they allow you to network face-to-face with industry professionals and potential clients, enable you to communicate your vision and they are a great opportunity to spread awareness of your brand/product through social media and press coverage.

At the start of planning any corporate event, my first step is to understand the brand, the purpose of the event and what the clients goal is during and after the event. This helps me to establish the style and features of the event.

In this case, the main aim of hosting the event was to spread awareness of the brand and to drive customers to the two other stores that the client owns in Cardiff.

The clients brand is based around speciality coffee and the spaces themselves offer a great space for corporate meetings to be held, offering a buffet service to local businesses for meetings etc. as well.

With all of this in mind, this is what rare events did:

The Welsh Latte art championships 2018

We decided to merge The Welsh Latte art championships with the launch event as this brings a wider audience in to see the new space and demonstrates the quality and skill the brand can offer to customers in each of their stores.

This was kindly sponsored by Clifton coffee who roast and supply coffee beans and la marzocco who make the most amazing espresso machines.

Event food and drink

As the client offers their own buffet services, I decided to use them as the event caterers and give our lovely suppliers a rest for this one. The reason for this choice is that it demonstrated what the brand can offer to their customers and made potential clients aware that this was available to them (It was SO tasty!).

A BIG thanks goes out to Blanche bakery who gifted some incredible vegan doughnuts for pudding....they were gone within seconds unsurprisingly!

And, of course, there was also complimentary champagne handed out on arrival...I mean obviously!

Live music and Bose speakers

No launch event would be complete without music, and live music just adds that something extra. Rare events are lucky enough to have a wide range of incredible musicians to choose from to suit any style of event we are organising, ranging from chilled, acoustic acts to 12 piece brass bands.

For this event, I chose Genevieve Gyseman who is a gorgeous singer/songwriter. She was the perfect choice for this event as her soulful voice complemented the warmth of the atmosphere and the richness of the coffee.

Thanks to BOSE speakers who live just over the road from the new pop-up, Genevieve was heard by all of the guests and the easy set-up of the speaker they provided made life a lot easier for me!

After Genevieve had started the night off with her beautiful songs, we then cranked up the volume on the speakers to provide some tunes for the latte art competition and this created the perfect atmosphere.

Plants and pictures!

A launch event is the perfect opportunity for local suppliers to showcase their services and it's a nice touch to an event when the faces behind the brands are there to chat about their inspiration and role in launching the new space.

The new pop-up featured both Melissa Selmin prints on the walls and Blasus succulent emporium plants dotted about so I invited both of these businesses along to showcase their products at the event and be on hand to chat about their work.

This seemed to be really successful as it helped in communicating the aesthetic of the brand to the audience and gave guests the opportunity to get stuck in and have a chat!

All in all, the event was a huge success, with lots of press and social media coverage and lots of business leads for the client.

If you'd like to talk about how rare events could organise a launch party for your business or any other event, email me at: lottie@thisisrare.co

These wonderful pictures were taken by Alexander Bull.

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