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Excuse me...Can someone tell me how to get to the place where I know what I'm doing?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Excuse me…does anyone know how I get to the place where I know what i’m doing?

I finished uni!!!!!….where is the amazing feeling that everyone talks about?

Yeah, this new found freedom doesn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

Don’t get me wrong, the first day was great. I watched 3 episodes of The real housewives and napped, but on the 2nd day, I started to feel lost.

Thing is, I worked part-time throughout my time at university and set up my own business. This meant I was constantly busy and felt like I was achieving something by studying for my degree whilst working as well. But now I am solely working at these jobs without the degree on the side and I don’t feel like i’m doing enough.

I love the jobs that I do, but am I able to develop and grow them enough to call them a full-time job? Is that even what I want? Should I try something new and head in a different direction?

I don’t want to get a panic job.

(A panic job - A job you apply for because you want the security of a monthly pay check and to be able to say you got yourself a job straight out of uni).

But, it’s the option that I find myself drawn to very strongly lately. I feel a lot of pressure to decide what I want to do and find my direction, not from my friends or my family, or anyone apart from myself.

I wish I could give myself a break…but it seems that isn’t what my brain wishes too.

I'm lost, if anyone knows the way…please share!

Lottie X



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