• Lottie Summer

Greys, whites and silver for a 60th birthday party!

Recently, a member of the Rare events family turned the big 60!!!! And so we just HAD to celebrate with a party.

With the birthday girl in mind, the birthday celebration took the form of a sit down meal rather than an all out party (you're supposed to get bit more civilised when you're 60 and my family really like good food!)

So, a lot of the design was focused on the table decoration as this is where the guests would be spending most of their time.

The first step was to decide on a colour scheme for the event. The event was held in a rustic, country pub with slate tiles on the floor, gorgeous wooden features and a bare brick wall with a wood burner (DROOOOOL!). Because the space already had so much rich character, I didn't want to overpower it with too many colours and patterns and so I decided to stick to a neutral palette, consisting of greys, whites and silvers.

Again, so as not to overpower the room and due to the size of the space, I decided to go for a simple, fairly minimal set up. However, as this was a surprise party, I wanted the focal point of the table to really make an impact and tie together the overall design.

Therefore, I opted for those trusty and (in my opinion) fabulous, giant foil number balloons in silver.

These were a great way to establish the theme, create an impact and acted as a great centrepiece for the table (and fabulous photo opportunities!!)

To support the giant foil balloons and to add some more body to the set up, a white balloon was tied to the back of each chair.

In addition to the decoration, I was quite aware that a lot of the guests attending had never met before and so wanted to come up with a way to avoid awkward silences and points in the night where the conversation had run out!

So, I created some cards that described what the world was like 60 years ago in 1959 (keeping the colour scheme in mind of course!) and dotted them about the table.

These worked really well and the guests were really interested and engaged in the topics on the card.

All in all, it was a success and a lovely way to celebrate one of Rare events' owns, 60th birthday!

Lottie X


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