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Halloween haul : Halloween party finds!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Hello lovely people!

How on earth is it October already?!

Anyway, October to me, means Halloween! It means carved pumpkins everywhere, lots of toffee apples in the supermarkets and above all, the chance to design and organise some fabulous halloween parties!

This morning, I went out on a mission to find out what Halloween party goodies are in the shops this year. Below are some of my finds (not a fab selection this year, I must admit, but I can definitely work with these!)

Pumpkin mini treat buckets

These mini treat buckets are SO cute and I think they're a lot more tasteful than the giant ones.

These would be perfect as little goodie bags for kids to take home after their party or a great way to bring your chosen theme into the food display at your event.

Mini pumpkins (or so I thought!)

HOW adorable are these mini pumpkins??

Well, I thought they were mini pumpkins, but I later found out (when I looked at my receipt) that they are actually mini Squash...squashes?!...anyway...

These would look amazing as part of a natural halloween display with some autumnal leaves and greenery at a more sophisticated, grown ups halloween party.

These would also look great lining the entrance of a party, draped with some warm coloured fairy lights.

Black cups and pumpkin straws

These are so simple, but sometimes that is all that's needed. These plain black paper cups would be a great addition to any halloween party and will fit with many themes.

It's easy to overdo it with your party themes sometimes like buying pumpkin covered EVERYTHING. This can be quite overpowering when you walk into an event and can make for quite a tacky look, so plain block colours are the way to go for me.

Compliment the plain cups with these orange pumpkin straws and you have a really playful look that would look great at a kids party.

These straws are also great because they can be washed and reused throughout the event.

These are just some of the halloween party goodies that I picked up today. As I mentioned, there wasn't actually too much choice in the shops this year but you can still create a beautiful and fun event with these little goodies.

To find out what else I picked up and how I incorporate these into a finished event, stay tuned for my next few blogs.

And if you'd like to chat about how I could use these goodies and more to organise a fabulous party for you, email me at: Lottie@thisisrare.co

Lottie X


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