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Kids dinosaur party ideas/tips

This is a classic and timeless theme for your little ones party and one that you can have a lot of fun with too!

Here's some ideas that I love to help you pull of a Roarsome Dinosaur party.


I love this idea, it's really creative and look awesome too!

Simply get some toy dinosaurs (which I'm sure you'll have lying around your house if your little one is dinosaur mad!), make some birthday hats for them and then tie some balloons to them.

Making the hats will also be a fun activity to do with the kids before the party.

Now, this might scare you, because it's pretty spectacular but how cool is this set up?

This might be a little out of your comfort zone to do yourself, so get in touch with us if you'd like a set up like this at your party.

We are happy to help!

This is a really cool way to keep a track of the cards/presents you receive plus it fits with your theme perfectly.

How fun is this dinosaur pinata? Just be careful with a blindfold and a bat! Not always the best around small children but it will make for lots of fun for older kids.


Kids love talking about poo, making jokes about poo...and anything to do with poo...am I correct?

So, these Dinosaur poop treats are sure to go down well! Plus they're super simple to do.

These Dinosaur dirt cups look amazing and are actually quite easy to make, try crushing an oreo and then filling in the gaps with chocolate mousse or angel delight.

They will taste amazing and look great on your buffet table.

What an amazing idea this is! These are just pretzel sticks but call them Dinosaur bones and the kids will think they are sooo cool!

Really simple and affordable and a great addition to your buffet table.

Here's some crafty ideas, this is quite a nice idea instead of party bags or just as an extra on the buffet table.

You could also make these a prize for your party games.

I love this simple idea to display your cutlery as well. Really bright and adds to the theme nicely.

You could create your own labels or get them online but they're sure to make your little guests smile.


This looks like so much fun and is really easy to make yourself if you're watching the pennies.

Egg hunts are so much fun and don't have to just be for Easter. Why not do a dinosaur egg hunt around the venue or your garden and maybe add in some Dinosaurs around the trail to really add to the theme.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how you could host your very own Dinosaur party!

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