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Kids easter party: My Easter event haul 2019

So today I went on a little haul (I only went to one shop because I couldn't think of anywhere else to go looking!) to see what was out there for a kids Easter themed party.

All of these items are from Hobbycraft (some from the ginger ray collection). In total, these items cost me around £9 so this will hopefully show you how easy and affordable it is to create a beautiful Easter event for your kiddies!

I think it's such a lovely idea to have an Easter egg hunt or a little party for the kiddos to celebrate that Spring is here and for them to just to catch up with all their little buddies and have a great time!

So, here are some of the things that I picked up and think would be GORGEOUS for an Easter themed party or event.


Personally, I think pastel colours are lush for Easter events and there seemed to be alot of pastel coloured products available this year...DREAM.

I stumbled across this patterned wooden cutlery and thought that they were just perfect. They are really fun, versatile to lots of different themes and they're not plastic (Hurrah!).

To go with these, I picked up these pink dotted paper plates...they had them in blue and yellow as well. I think they look great together and even a mix and match of all the different colours would look good too!


Then I saw this cute little ceramic bunny rabbit and thought that it could be useful for a few different things.

You can definitely paint/decorate them so I thought they would work really well as place cards for each kid or if you don't want set seating or aren't doing much sitting down!...they could be used as an activity/competition for the kids (Paint the best bunny!) or just as a nice little addition to your event decoration.


Obviously, eggs feature QUITE heavily in Easter celebrations..so it's no surprise that there were lots of different egg themed products to choose from this year!

But, I find a lot of them quite tacky to be honest and over done.

And then I found these little polystyrene eggs, which kind of changed my mind.

I LOVE the colours for a start and I think they look quite realistic. (They also look exactly like mini eggs so make sure the guests know they're not actually chocolate!!!!)

These would be nice sprinkled across the table, put into little glass jars or baskets as decoration or used for an egg hunt as tokens for a chocolatey prize. Or even, if you're a bit mad like me, you could attach these to a tree or bush in the garden to line the Easter egg hunt trail?!

Chocolate coins

Finally, as I was paying, I saw these Easter themed chocolate pennies and I picked them up because I love the colour of them (and I also love chocolate).

These would be perfect in goody bags for the kids to take home or put into little jars for the mini guests after dinner treat. You could also make these part of an Easter egg hunt.

Random bits

I also saw some other little things that I didn't actually pick up but I thought were cute and could be useful.

Going from left to right, this wreath is really good if you don't have the time or resources to create your own table centrepiece, it's really bright and eye catching as well.

These paper party bags grabbed my attention as they are really great colours for Easter and the perfect size to fit some little goodies in.

I also thought this little chick party bag was a lovely idea if you wanted the party bag to be an item the guests can keep.

Then, I found this Easter tree...this is lush and would look amazing with either chocolate eggs hanging off it for the guests to pick and munch at or decorative hanging eggs. You could even use this as a leader board type display for an easter egg hunt?

Finally, I thought the coloured wicker baskets were lovely for either collecting eggs in on the hunt, for using as party bags or to use as a table display with maybe a bunny rabbit, chicks etc in it.

So that is my Easter event haul! As mentioned, all of these products are from Hobbycraft (some from the ginger ray range). All of these items cost me around £9 so a very cheap and easy way to create a beautiful, fun Easter event for kiddies!

If you'd like some more inspiration, check out my pinterest board HERE!

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