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Lockdown list: What to do in a lockdown!

Hello! So, as you've probably guessed, for someone whose job is based upon venues, human interaction and large gatherings of people...I am pretty quiet right now and don't really have that much to do!!

A few of you have asked me what I've been doing to keep occupied during lockdown and I've been reading lots of other peoples blogs and posts about their ideas of what to do, so I thought it may be helpful to share some things that I have been doing...


Having a good old declutter for me, feels really good for the soul. It makes me feel calmer and lighter in a sense. I get really stressed out when there's just STUFF everywhere. So I took this opportunity when I had some free time, to just have a bit of a clear out of things like my clothes, the drawers in the spare room, a big chest that I had downstairs etc.

I know that we aren't able to take them to the charity shops or the tip just yet but even just having them out and in bags down in the garage makes me feel a sense of calm and achievement (out of sight out of mind!)


This was always something I liked to do anyway, but it's really nice not having to rush my run in the morning so that I can get to work on time. I'm aware we're only allowed to do our one outdoor exercise a day so I've been really enjoying the Joe Wicks PE class workouts at home as well.

Rare events Admin!

You know those little things that you've been meaning to do for so long but keep pushing back because they're not totally vital...well I've been doing lots of that during the lockdown as well.

I have updated the Rare events website with details of our new packages that we are launching (keep an eye out for those!) and just done a bit of general admin.

It feels really good to get the little bits done and know that everything is updated and ready to go once we get into the swing of things again.

Watching ALOT of Netflix and Colouring!

I want to point out that I do feel a lot of pressure to be doing productive things and constantly be making the most of this time, but in between doing the few little productive things, I've just been watching everything that I've wanted to watch on Netflix for a long time and colouring in my unicorn colouring book (which is definitely meant for children!)

This is totally okay. It's strange time to say the least and we may never experience anything like this again so if you choose to use the time to catch up on sleep or just completely chill out, then what is wrong with that?

I hope this has been a little interesting and if not, it has got you through another 5 minutes of the day! Share with me in the comments or on my social media what you have been doing during lockdown and remember....we're all in this together!

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