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Monday motivation: Curiosity is POSITIVE

Last Friday I attended a creative mornings session at Milk and Sugar (Oh my goodness, what a lush space!), led by the lovely Jane Cook, otherwise known as hungrycityhippy.

The theme for that particular session was “Curiosity”.

Jane explained how, early on in her career, she didn’t ask many questions and this is what led her to being stuck in a boring receptionist job that she hated (we’ve all been there!)

She went on to explain that it was when she started asking questions and being curious about things, was when she began to realise what she enjoyed and didn’t enjoy and is what led her on her journey to becoming the social media/blogging/marketing goddess that she is now!

This thought that Jane had sparked in my head about how asking questions can be a positive thing played on my mind and the next day, whilst speaking on a panel at the Big music project about being a music promoter, I (without even thinking) realised how this statement applied to me and could apply to others.

The question “What advice would you give to anyone looking to start out in this industry?” was asked.

And my reply was “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes” and “don’t see asking questions and admitting you’re not sure as a negative thing”.

It was then that I realised that asking questions and seeming unsure about something is so often seen as a negative thing.

“I don’t even know how to do my job”

“I’m so bad at this, i’ve made so many mistakes”

But actually, people don’t remember the mistakes you made, they remember your willingness to learn and your enthusiasm for trying something new. You are only going to learn by asking questions.

Therefore, curiosity is POSITIVE.

Today, if you’re not sure about something, BE CURIOUS (and have a good day!)


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