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Monday motivation: Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, it's how you use them!

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

As you may know from my many Instagram uploads, I recently attended the BNC Event show in London and whilst I was there, I attended a couple of seminars. One seminar in particular really struck a chord with me and it was lead by an inspirational lady called Julianne Ponan.

Julianne Ponan is the owner and CEO of Creative nature, a superfood brand.

Having suffered from anaphylaxis from the age of two, Julianne has a passion for her business which creates a range of free from products.

Julianne bought the business when she was just 22 years old and in 24 months, managed to put the company back into profit (whilst recovering from pneumonia in hospital!).

She has gone on to launch Creative nature in many high street stores such as Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Co-op Stores, Asda and TK Maxx, she has won National Natwest Everywoman Artemis Award for Women Entrepreneurs, slayed the dragons in Dragons den and has been a guest judge on Britains next top model.

Having started at such a young age and with such incredible achievements under her belt, I was really interested in hearing what advice Julianne had to give.


"Go out there and meet people"

Julianne explained how she has managed to grow her business with very little money and this is simply from knowing the people she knows and has met through networking.

There are lots of networking events going on around Cardiff, aimed at different industries and there are some very interesting people out there to meet. It takes a quick search on Facebook or in google and you could find an event geared towards your passion or interest. I may even see you there!

Have a purpose and a story

"Always have a purpose, otherwise you have nothing to work towards and nothing to motivate you"

I think this can be applied to both your business/work and in your life as well. This resonated with me as I find it so helpful to have a goal to work towards and a purpose to what i'm doing otherwise, I feel super lost and unmotivated.

As well as this, Julianne explains that you should always tell a story instead of facts...

"People rememeber stories, they don't remember facts"

I mean, she's got a point?

Time management

Julianne shared a quote with us that her father had shared with her when she was at the beginning of her business.

He asked her "How many hats are you wearing in your business?"

If you can do something yourself, then why would you pay someone else to do it, right? That was very much my attitude as well until Julianne explained this.

If you are wearing too many hats, eventually they will get lopsided and fall off (that was my awful analogy not Juliannes). Although you may be completely capable of carrying out every task that your business requires, it may be much more productive to halve your workload by sharing the tasks with someones else, giving you time to focus more energy into each aspect. For example, if you pay someone to do the admin tasks, you have more time to focus on whether your branding fits the new product you are about to launch. In the end, this will be much more beneficial to your productivity, health and your success.

Above all, Belief

"Belief is such a powerful tool"

We shouldn't look at others and be disheartened or jealous of how amazing they are or how successful you perceive them to be (I'm SO guilty of this!)

The reason we shouldn't do this is because we can be like them too. If we believe in ourselves, in our ideas and believe that we can do it too, then eventually we will.

At the moment, I find it really hard to have faith that in 5,6,10 years, I will be where the others I look up to are and I get that when people say "it'll work out fine" or "you'll get there", it doesn't make you feel better in the slightest. It's not easy just to have confidence in everything you do because the unknown is flippin scary.

But start small. Believe that today, you can write a list of things you hope to achieve. Believe that you can set up a meeting with someone who inspires you to chat through questions you may have. Most importantly, do something.

Your biggest achievement will be starting and being ballsy enough to give it a go!

"Everyone has the same 24hours in a day, it's how you use them" - Julianne Ponan, Owner and CEO of creative nature.


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