• Lottie Summer

Monday motivation: Make time for guilt-free relaxation

So I just want to start by saying, I’m shit at this.

Like really really bad at it. When I try and relax, I can’t because i’m thinking about all the work I’m not doing and then it’s just time where i’m sat feeling rubbish and not relaxing at all.


This weekend, I actually managed to have some guilt-free relaxation time and oh my, it was good.

It was simple things like, taking a bath, walking the dog on the beach and having breakfast with my family but it was exactly what I needed.

Now I feel refreshed and ready to take on another week.

I’m not writing this blog to boast about the fact that I had a nice time and am feeling good, because actually it’ll probably be another few months again before I manage to switch off and indulge in some proper relaxation.

But, i’m writing this because I do realise the benefits that can come from switching off once in a while and do you know what? My work is still there and nothing went tragically wrong just because I didn’t work all weekend.

This is just a little reminder that if, like me, you bury yourself in work 24/7 because you think you don’t deserve a break, you do, it feels really nice and you will still be that badass, hard working person, you’ll just be a little less shattered!

Happy Monday,

Lottie X


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