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Monday motivation: Music and mental health


For todays Monday motivation, we want to talk about music and mental health. All of us guys here at Rare (as you’ve probably guessed) have a passion for music and one of our favourite things to witness at our events is how the music is effecting each individual as they close their eyes and get taken away to the place that brings them joy, it’s pretty special moment.

It’s been widely accepted that music has a positive impact on our mental health, we can use music to gain focus, express our emotions, banish the feeling of loneliness or isolation and encourage creativity, relaxation and motivation.

All of us have our own unique relationship with music and many of us can relate to having a particular song that takes us away to our happy place, even if just for a minute. This relationship that we build with certain songs fascinates us and we want to find out what those songs are of YOU.

We asked some of our favourite people around Cardiff what song they have in mind when we talk about escape and positivity and here’s what they said:

Si: Ooh! I’ve got months worth of Spotify playlists full of ‘em man

A good one for me though is "Logans circle" by The Wonder Years cuz it’s super posi & has a lush story behind it.


"Won't back down" – Tom Petty

My Dad is without a doubt one of Tom Petty’s biggest fans, so it’s thanks to him that this song made the list. I know I’m not the only one who gets days where I’m feeling beaten down and like life has gotten the better of me. Whenever I feel this way, the first thing I do is put my earphones in and blast this song at full volume. It reminds me that no matter what life throws at me, it’s important to just keep on pushing through each day. 


1049 Gotho – IDLES

Ahh, my lovely IDLES. Of course they’re on my list; over the past few months, they’ve managed to drag me out of the deep, dark hole I got myself into and bring me back to life. I chose this song because not only is it aptly about Depression, but it’s the song that completely winded me when I first saw them live. I was at one of my lowest points and their set made me feel free for a while and then Joe shouted “this is a song about Depression” and all of a sudden, I was part of a community and was surrounded by people feeling the exactly same way as me. A truly wonderful feeling.

Louise: Mine is "Sorry she's mine" by The Small Faces cause it makes me happy.

Our choice:  26 - Paramore

We love this song, it's one of those stare out the window in the rain and pretend you're in a movie songs. But all jokes aside, this sweet tune reminds us to not give up on that tiny shed of hope that we ALL have inside us, even when we're at our lowest. That tiny little seed of positive thinking can tarnish every aspect of your life and slowly, will grow along with you. 


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