• Lottie Summer

Monday motivation: One step at a time

Good morning! It’s the start of a new week and for many, our weeks will be jam packed with jobs to do and things to achieve by the time next Monday comes around.

With that, comes a lot of pressure, anxiety and often a sense of failure if that to-do list is not completed. Everyone will find their own ways of coping with this, but Lottie from Rare wants to share with you some methods that sometimes help her get through that dauntingly long list of tasks.

1. MAKING LISTS/MINDMAPS! - this is a classic but we find it really helps to get things from a jumbled up state in your head to a more organised, clearer plan that you can refer to.

2. ONE THING AT A TIME - I am the biggest culprit in trying to do a million things at once but actually, when I took a step back and just focused on getting through one thing at a time, without realising my list had gotten a lot shorter and I’d been much more focused on the job in hand.

3. NEGATIVES TO POSITIVES - If you don’t tick everything off your list by the time you’d set, YOU HAVE NOT FAILED, you have made progress and that’s what matters. Will it matter in a year if you completed a few of your tasks a little later? 

I am the first to admit that I don’t always stick to these rules, I overwork myself and try to do too much at once...but I will keep trying to remember these and by sharing and talking we will reach our goals together as a strong creative community. 


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