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Monday motivation: Stop saying "I'll be happy when"

Stop saying: I’ll be happy when...

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to give ourselves goals to provide us with drive and focus but the problem comes when we are constantly living in the mindset...“I’ll be happy when...”


Because what about the time in between now and achieving whatever it is that’ll mean you’re happy?

You know the saying, tomorrow never comes....well, yeah that.

Life is for living and if we’re just surviving day to day in the hope that IF that day ever comes all of our worries and doubts will be gone, then we’re going to look back and seriously regret that decision.

Achieving feels amazing, of course and with that comes some hard graft meaning that not every day is going to be the most incredible, well lived and memorable day.

BUT, you can find small achievements and positive moments within every day:

I got out of bed before 12 today.

I did the washing up that’s been piling up for a while.

I went for a walk and got some fresh air.

That person I miss sent me a nice message.

I had an hour to have a bath and catch up on real housewives (totally 100% NOT what I do)

The moral of this, is that if we focus less on the supposed “light at the end of the tunnel” and more on the little things we have to be appreciative for in our day to day lives, we can still be achieving our biggest life goals, but be happy on the journey towards them. (Think about hating every second of a train journey but thinking "i'll be happy when we get to the station", then you break down. Be thankful for that confectionary trolley that is rolling up that carriage towards you because you don't know how long it'll be until you're back up and running!)

When you look back, it's how you felt for the majority of your time that will have the biggest impact. 


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