• Lottie Summer

Party planning checklist

It’s no secret that it takes a lot of time, patience, skill and determination to plan the perfect party.

And there is ALOT to think about. We thought we’d help you out a bit and list what we believe to be the essential party planning checklist.

SET A DATE: This is not only important so that you have a goal and a time frame to work towards, but you also can’t really move on to booking anything else until you’ve set a date.

BUDGET: This is vital to help you stay on track spending wise. Set a realistic budget for yourself and keep checking back on it and logging all our purchases etc. (See our blog post on planning an event on a small budget)

VENUE: Of course, you need a venue to host your event in. There’s lots to think about here, capacity, any rules etc (see our previous blog post on booking a venue)

THEME: You may not want a specific theme for your event but if you do, it’s best to decide on this as early on as possible so that you can bring this through with your decorations, food etc.

INVITES: You don’t want to organise an epic party…and then forget to invite anyone. Get those invites out as soon as you can so to maximise attendance.

ENTERTAINMENT: Whether this is party games, drinking games, DJ, live band or flying unicorns, entertainment really makes an event. Don’t worry if you have a small budget, it is still possible to come up with some great entertainment.

FOOD AND DRINK: Depending on your venue, you may or may not need to organise drink but good luck hosting a party without any party food…that’s what most people are there for! You can either theme this or just go for a general buffet/meal.

DECORATIONS: Event decor will make your party pop, add colour and life and also help you carry out your theme if you’ve chosen one.

ENJOY: Don’t forget to enjoy and take in the wonderful event you have created! If you think you may need some support or help with your event planning, then get in touch!

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