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Planning a birthday in lockdown

2020 has..err...not quite gone to plan shall we say?

We have had to sacrifice so much during this pandemic including, lots of events and parties! Although Lockdown is easing slightly now, we still can't host the birthday parties and events how we'd like.

SO, I wanted to share with you my tips on how you could still host a birthday party in lockdown...because lockdown shouldn't mean no fun.


The smile on someones face when they get up and see that there are balloons displayed, presents laid out, banners hung up and pictures all around the room will be priceless.

There are still plenty of places open selling decorations and of course you can order online as well and this will really make their day (plus it will look great on instagram!)

Special food

Rather than having your normal, everyday meals, why not do something a little special? Maybe pancakes for breakfast, afternoon tea for lunch, takeaway for dinner? Or even set up your kitchen as a restaurant with a sign and menus, so that you can imagine you are at your favourite restaurant.

Don't forget about the birthday cake as well! You can order these or pick up one from your local supermarket when you're doing your essential shop, but again it's just something to make the day feel special.

Walk by visits

Now this is something to arrange only if you and your friends are comfortable with it. But, I like the idea of scheduling some walk by visits from local friends and family. Try and spread them out across the day so that not everyone is there at once.

There'll be no contact and social distancing will be adhered to, but it's just nice to see your loved ones in person...even if it is from 2m away!

Zoom party!!

In the evening, after a lovely day of eating nice food, being spoilt and visits from friends, why not pour a drink, get dressed up and jump on Zoom with your loved ones?

To make it even more fun, why not choose a fancy dress theme?

You can play games, have a drink together and pretend you're sat opposite each other in the pub.

There's so much you can do to make your day just a little bit different and special, it's just about thinking outside the box and making the most of what's around you at the moment.

Have fun!!

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