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Event colour palettes 2018 (My favourites)

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

There is a lot of suggestion that colour can effect your mood and evoke emotion as well as control certain psychological reactions, therefore, the colour palette you choose for your event is a very important decision.

In my opinion, your chosen colour palette should enhance the overall look of the event as well as the characteristics of the venue and event concept, meaning that often, a bespoke colour palette will be chosen for your particular event. However, there is no denying that some colours just look and feel gorgeous together and can be used for multiple styles of event. Here are just some of my favourite colour palettes used so far this year:

Pastels and grey

I’ll be honest, I used to hate pastel colours but this year, they are everywhere and I love them. I mostly have an obsession with pastel pink but any pastel shade is lush.

The softness and security of pastel colours is complimented by the cool, balanced nature of the greys, making this a great colour palette for events such as weddings or baby showers.

Navy and gold

These two colours put together just scream rich elegance. Perfect for corporate dinners and awards, navy provides us with trust, reliability and richness whilst the gold adds that subtle touch of elegance and prestigiousness.

Bright Summer floral

There are a few variants of this bright summer floral palette but mostly, it will include yellows, pinks, peach, orange and greens. (Variants include blues and purples).

This summer floral palette is inspired by nature so naturally it fits right in with summer and outdoor events. I can see this working beautifully for a garden party or country barn wedding.

The yellows and oranges give us sunshine and provide the palette with warmth, vibrance and playfulness. The pinks offer softness and a nurturing quality reminding us of summery flowers with the greens providing freshness and reminding us of that luscious summer green grass (although maybe not this year as that gorgeous heatwave has turned it fairly brown!)

So that is a collection of just some of my favourite colour schemes that are popular this year. For more ideas on colour schemes and to see them used in events, head on over to the Rare events website.

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