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Unicorn party tips/ideas

Unicorns have become a huge craze over the last couple of years and are still in high demand as a party theme for little ones (and older ones if you're anything like me!)

I think this theme makes for beautiful party and you can have so much fun with it.

Here are just some of the wonderful ideas I have come across.

(Many of these images are from pinterest and none of them are owned by me or Rare events)


Every good party needs balloons and I love these simple unicorn balloons. If you are planning on a low budget, then these would be really easy to make yourself as well.

Super cute and a really nice way to bring in your theme.

If you feel ambitious and want to go one step further, this balloon arch is beautiful and

will look incredible above your food table or present table.

Balloon arches are quite tricky to tackle yourself so i'd suggest getting a professional to help you with this (feel free to drop us a message and we can help you out!)

This would also be a great backdrop for photographs with your guests! Bring the theme into the photographs and you'll have the memories forever.

How cute are these headbands? I think these would be lovely to hand out to each of your guests as they come in so that everyone can be a part of the theme. These are a great alternative to the traditional party hat as well and they're something lovely for everyone to keep and take home.

This photo frame is amazing and again, if you're planning on a tight budget, would be really simple to make yourself. This is a great way to remember to take photos at your event with all your guests (I find this always gets forgotten and you only realise afterwards!)

These party bags are just the cutest!! They will not only be such a nice thing to take

home, they will also look really good lined up on the table at the party. You can try

making your own, or there are plenty of affordable unicorn party bag designs out there.


I absolutely LOVE this idea, I think it's fab. It's also so so easy and cheap. Throw some marshmallows into a bowl and call them "unicorn poo" I guarantee your guests will love it.

I also think these candyfloss cups are a brilliant idea and again, so easy to pull off. They will look amazing on your buffet table and the kids will love it.

Who doesn't love a pink panther biscuit? Well these look super yummy and will go really well with your other themed food as well.

These all seem to be sweet treats but that's because they are just delicious! How adorable are these Unicorn ice cream cones? The little ones will be on a crazy sugar rush, but why not?! It's a party!

Let's not forget drinks, these are super cute and easy to recreate. Just get your hands on some little bottles and fill them up with squash and hey, presto!


Of course, it's a party so there's got to be some games, and why not theme them?

This is a great one, the kids simply take it in turns to throw the hoops and try and get them on the unicorn horn. The headbands you handed out earlier would come in really handy for this.

I love this idea...pin the horn on the unicorn! The name says it all, but your little ones will love this one.

Now, this one may be a bit messy, but if you're prepared for that then why not try some cupcake decorating? Again, it's something for the guests to take home with them...or gobble up before they get home!

I hope this blog has given you some tips and ideas on how to create the perfect, magical, unicorn party. I want to organise one now too!

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