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Where I find my event inspiration

Working in events, a big part of your job is logistics, team work and organisation. But a key attribute needed is creativity. To actually come up with event concepts, look at a target market or brief and create an event just for them takes a lot of creative ideas.

But where do you go to get your inspiration?

Well…in this blog I have talked about a few ways I find inspiration for event ideas:

People watching

There is nothing I love more than grabbing a coffee, sitting down (not that this happens very often!) and people watching.

I find that this actually brings me a lot of inspiration for event ideas as well. Watching people go about their everyday lives, at all different times of their lives and situations makes me think of all the events that may be needed or may appeal to them.

For example, watching a mother with her baby might inspire me to create a cool/brunchy style mothers club or watching students working away might inspire me to create an event for them…which leads me nicely onto my next point (eyyy i’m getting better at this!)

Problem solving

A lot of my event inspiration comes from going about everyday life and the problems or struggles that I and others come across, as well as coming across gaps in the huge events market.

For example, if you have been following Rare events for a while, you will remember our first brand of events, Velvet echo sessions. This brand of events was born out me and my friends loving live music, but not wanting to go to a sticky, dingy club or big theatre setting to watch it. We wanted to cosy up, visit some unusual, unconventional spaces and listen to live music…so that’s what we created.

By using this inspiration to create events that solve everyday problems or gaps, you know that your target market is out there which is a real plus and involves slightly less risk.

Popular trends

Keeping up with modern trends is not only important and useful when marketing your events, but I find that I get inspired to create lots of different events from these trends as well.

For example, a meme themed club night for students, a gin and juice networking event, a workshop on how to get the best content for instagram.

International days and holidays/seasons

Every year it feels like there are more and more “international day of….”

- International coffee day

- International womens day

- International dogs day

….To name but a few!

I find that these are a huge source of event inspiration for me. Events themed around these days can be very popular as (going back to my previous point!) they get a lot of attention and engagement online. People are more likely to find out about them as they follow the days hashtags etc.

Of course, holidays and seasons spark a lot of ideas for me as well. Summer holidays, halloween, Christmas, bonfire night, Easter etc.

I hope that you’ve found this blog interesting…I love reading about where others get inspiration from as I like to take tips and try out different techniques as well!

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